Wednesday, 31 December 2008

To abstinent friends

Let us put our regrets to bed now and wake up innocent and free on the morning of the new year.

"With a little time, and a little more insight, we begin to see both ourselves and our enemies in humbler profiles. We are not really as innocent as we felt when we were first hurt. And we do not usually have a gigantic monster to forgive; we have a weak, needy, and somewhat stupid human being. When you see your enemy and yourself in the weakness and silliness of the humanity you share, you will make the miracle of forgiving a little easier."
Lewis B. Smedes

Tuesday, 30 December 2008


This year better be better than last.

We are gathered here today

Please will some one buy me all the Rick Owens spring summer collection? I am enjoying my last two days of carbs before my new year attempt at the high pro food plan.

Sunday, 28 December 2008


When I used to say to my mum 'I'm bored' she used to reply 'well, you must be boring then!'. The great thing about being an adult is that you can tell people to F*ck Off with out being in danger of a slap (if you are reasonably circumspect). This is a truly dull time of year - Christmas is at best like a row of Sundays and I have no energy or inspiration to motivate myself. I will try and do a new moon / new year spell later this evening to rustle up a little glamour and excitement. The one thing that cheers me up about this season is that it is an excellent to create wish lists for the new year.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Wake up and smell the .........

I was just thinking about falling asleep and I suddenly became really excited about the fact that in only 7 hours I can have coffee! Hurray - it really is my second thought of each day, the first is, 'Damn it, I lived through the night!' and then I think 'but what almost makes up for that is now I can have coffee - brilliant!'

Fair warning

Winter solstice is nearly upon us - apparently more babies are concieved during the solstice and immediatley after than at any other time of year. It is also a time of depression and despair - feelings of emptiness and futility are common (all year round in my case) but fear not the shortest day is due after which things are going to get better.. well after christmas and new year which is always a bind and then January is normally a washout. I always think my new (post resolution) life will begin in January but it never does... but you know just hang on in there ..

Friday, 12 December 2008

End of an era

Betty Page dies of a heart attack at 85. The finest pinup girl ever to pose has gone to the great centre fold in the sky.

It’s raining on my house and non of the others

These antidepressants aren’t working! Its my last day of work today at least until January and instead of feeling joy, relief or even (god forbid) a sense of achievement I feel apathy, darkness and despair. It might be the full moon or old demons tempting me back. I’d like to lie here figuring myself out but fortunately or unfortunately I have a dog to walk.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

My hands are tied

I saw this guy who used to go out with a woman I knew – he was a jerk (creepily tall) and she (creepily short) deserved him. He bought her over the elbow Prada leather gloves. He liked to tie her up with black ribbon when they had sex and get this – he couldn’t come unless she had stilettos on! So there he was in the Liberty Christmas sale this evening trawling around ladies’s wear with this woman who had identical straw coloured hair to my acquaintance. I thought it was her for a minute but actually she was even more worn out looking when she turned around. I had this urge though to run over to her and tell her that she was one of many, that his routines were transferable and that she might consider kicking him to the kerb while she still had a little dignity left in tacked. That he is hung up with his mother and can’t get over his x-wife and that her ‘dear jane’ letter was in the post. Two things this world does not lack though – complete wanker’s and women that will go out with them.