Friday, 27 February 2009

The best is yet to come

I think I have hit early menopause, either that or I forgot to turn off my electric blanket. Excitingly Fay Weldon said that she wrote all her best books on HRT.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Pissing on the great big lamp post in the sky

I am moved to acknowledge the sad passing of Mickey Rourkes long time life partner Loki
I wonder who he will take to the Oscars now.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Falling in love again

I have a new love and he is Mcnulty of the The Wire - I just watched 12 episodes in one day and my only thought is how to get my sticky mitts on more! The only sex scene was really lame though - he just huff and puffed on top of a rather plain red head - hopefully he will get his kit off and his freak on in series 2.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A new dawn

Eclipse of the moon last night, had bizarre dream where this tattooed guy was getting me to put Botox pessaries up his ass and the whole time I was thinking ‘this is wrong Botox doesn’t work that way!’ Anyway the Guru told me that the full moon heralds a change in fortune for all good people – that the 8 years (and the rest) of suffering is over. I am listening to the Saraswati Mantra to ‘bring it on’. I asked my friend Richard if he thought that god had us down as ‘good people’ and he said probably as even the cops cleanse your criminal record after 7 years.

Monday, 9 February 2009

The flowers of romance

St Valentines day on Saturday, the day to band-aid your stale relationships with heart shaped chocolates and cheap South African roses or risk loosing them all together. The day that god put aside for lovers......A sobering alternative theory suggests that the holiday originates from the story of Saint Valentine, who upon rejection by his mistress was so heartbroken that he took a knife to his chest and sent her his still-beating heart as a token of his undying love for her. Hence, heart-shaped cards are now sent as a tribute to his overwhelming passion and suffering. (Way to go Val!) How he made it to the post office to mail his heart is hard to figure.

What's hot & what's not

What is annoying about my job is that trying to get paid is seen as an act of hostility. What is great about my current job is that I only have to show up for 10 hours a week none of which fall on a Monday. There is some preparation required which maybe I do and maybe I don’t. Right now I am in bed for the day which is excellent.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Oracle

Its Guru Muru’s birthday today – I have my sacrificial Orchid and I am ready to feast with the sage of Bickenshall Mansions. Muru is a font of observational wisdom, if you consult him regarding your troubles he will enlighten you with ‘Darling it is life ....everywhere you go there is always one asshole!’

Might have guessed

It was a full moon last night no wonder I was restless and full of tricks all night long. The Pagans call the February moon the Snow Moon. February is the only calender month that can pass without a full moon. If I hadn't been up all night I would try and explain that mathematical fact. However the full moon nights are the best nights to pull earthly desires from the hands of fate. Once the moon begins to wane focus on pushing away what you don't want.

Eyes wide shut

Its official, I am an insomniac .....hideous extra hours of undiluted reality.

Hello carbo my old friend

God I can’t stop eating – the cold weather seems to have inspired another layer of fat I could do with out. People keep telling me I look nice but I think they feel sorry for me. Two men (one gay) told me my tits were getting bigger which is true. I actually bought a bra in Liberty sale that says its a Double D – its Elle Macpherson and they come up small but all the fucking same! I pointed out to them that actually my whole body has got bigger as a set. I can’t stand it I don’t want to look like some Carry On outtake. Its not that I eat that much really – I just eat medium amounts of the bad food groups that I love. Its a bore trying to diet, I just can’t say No – not to myself anyway. I want to go on a Valley of The Dolls sleep diet – you just get sedated until you are at your target weight - fabulous.

You used to bring me roses

At my age I find that there are so few ‘first times’ available to me. But excitingly I have a Visiting Order for an actual prison visit! Although I have been out with a few men that should have been in jail – I never went out with any one who actually was – not so much an issue of standards simply the lack of opportunity. I was thinking of becoming pen pals with Richard Ramirez (many is the time I have confused pity with love and excitment with danger) but then I read an article that said he had really foul breath which put me right off him. Anyway we are off on a mission to support our friend and I am thrilled to hear that we will be travelling with other visitors to the jail. I shall document the whole thing in the manner of Diane Arbus. I am predicting a high incidence of blond hair extensions, spray tans and inexpensive perfume. I shall wear my tartiest outfit in order to blend. Actually one time I got a photography job and I had to shoot the lifers wing at Wormwood Scrubs. I thought it might be a fun gig – loads of tough tattooed guy like in Con Air but actually it was full of pathetic little men whose real crime was bad luck and lack of opportunity. The truth is I think prisons are a social shame – and that we as a civilised country ought to be able to embrace and rehabilitate people who fall into difficulty within the larger community and that only very dangerous psychopathic people should be locked up.

If it tastes good - eat it !

I don't normally hop out of bed at 2 AM to post a book review but I must insist that you log on and purchase Wetlands by Charlotte Roche . Its the most hilarious story about a girl having an anal operation and she's the most candid and viseral female character I ever read up on. Obsessed with bodily functions she sniffs, licks and picks her way around every orifice. The best book I have read this year (actually the 1st but whatever) - this novel should be studied for GCSE if only to help dispell young womens self loathing compulsion for sexual hygiene.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Just remember that death is not the end

Lux Interior of The Cramps died last night – which is really sad because every time an interesting man dies another ten bores from hell are sent to replace him. He was married to style icon Poison Ivy for an amazing 37 years and while I disapprove of all institutions I am touched when two perverts find a lifetime of entertainment together.