Monday, 6 April 2009

I put a spell on you

Just listening to Marilyn Manson 'I put a spell on you' and I remembered this story. Once upon a time long ago - I awoke in a big cold house in the country and it was full of people who were ugly and dull ..........except for one man who was beautiful - his name was Tony - he wore vintage levis and coral coloured cashmere jumpers. I decided as soon as I saw him that I loved him and that I needed him to love me back. I had heard of the following spell - that if you want someone to love you (or at least fuck you ) then what you have to do is masturbate while thinking of them and somehow get the sticky stuff from your fingers into their mouth! Luckily enough in the big house where we were all staying - every body had been given a cup of there own and each cup had the name of its owner painted on it in red nail varnish. So I took my sticky fingers to the kitchen and smeared my spell around the inside of his cup. Shortly after my spell casting - he gave me a cigarette and we began a short affair. The thing is I forgot to ask him if he fell for me before or after the tea break.

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