Monday, 2 June 2008

Sex & The City

Its official now I really don’t have anything to look forward to, I have finally seen the SATC movie. I was probably the last among my friends to see this movie but I nipped over to the Odeon West End this morning for the 10 AM screening and I loved it. People told me it was a bit too long but not for me, it could have lasted another hour and I would have still been glued. I love everything about the show, the hair styles, the clothes - I mean Carries hairstyles and clothes – lets face it she got the budget. I love the city, the apartments, the life style, there is nothing on that show I do not love and desire except all the men excluding Big and the Malibu neighbour and the ugly kids. Sadly it will be at least another two years till the next one – if there is a next one – we could be heading for a Golden Girls of New York in twenty years with any luck.

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Madame said...

Now I"M the only person who hasn't seen it!!!! Grrrrr!