Sunday, 6 July 2008

And then the angels forget to pray for us

I am so over it today. I was praying this morning ‘god, please give me a break, and stop me from being such a c*nt because it’s not helping’. I wonder how many people pray these days ... I think I know quiet a lot of people who do for reasons I won’t go into here but it seems like a kind of underground activity on the whole. Being a fear based individual I like it, I often sit in front of my little alter that is actually a plant holder and light an incense stick and a candle and try to make a connection. I have a loose interpretation of what it is I am praying to though, my god is like a greatest hits CD of what I consider to be the best bits of many faiths. I have a statue of Buddha – slim young Buddha not the fat smiley one. I have Kabala cards and a couple of other articles of faith. Some times I go to the Catholic Church on Leicester Square to light candles under the statue of Jesus. I love doing that it always reminds me of two things, Madonna in the Like a Prayer video and the nun rape scene in Bad Lieutenant.

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