Monday, 18 August 2008

Come on over to my place

This picture is the cover of the Playboy magazine published the month and year of my birth. God I hope the print is too small for the date to be read. They did actually have photography then but for some reason this cover is a painting. I love porn mags - not for the dodgy centrefolds but for their stand alone immorality and the flack the publishers took in regards to the censorship laws of the sixties which benefitted us all. I hate nudity personally – I think the human body is always a disappointment, even my precious Keanu goes to fat in between movies! I do love to watch Girls of the Playboy Mansion on Sunday nights. My favourite girl is Holly because she is desperately ambitious and has a dog that looks just like mine. I heard the following gossip from a freind in LA, Hef is a total pill head, yes they do all have to fuck him and one time they all got ass tightening ops for xmas! Its a strange set up that they have in the mansion but I think it will turn out like this in the end: Holly will marry Hef who will have a cast iron pre nup entitling her to around $50 when it goes tits up which it will in less than a year. All the girls will be thrown out during the drama and replaced by younger blonds. Bridget will have a successful TV and radio career and Kendra will be back on a street corner or earning dimes filming hardcore.

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