Wednesday, 13 August 2008

In solitude where we are least alone

Lord Byron was so right with this one particularly when it comes to the cinema. One of my favourite treats is to go to the movies alone during the day. I love to sit in the darkness communing with the celluloid with out fidgety friends near by or worse people munching expensive popcorn and pick & mix. Why do people do that – eat food in cinema? My idea of a treat is to catch a movie – with maybe a diet coke to sip on and then take myself off to Maison B for tea and cake. I don’t want to recreate the darkness of childhood midnight snacks – sucking chocolate fingers with 25 teddies cowering against the night under flannelette bedding. Food in cinemas ought to be banned along with all talking and sitting directly in front of people except when absolutely necessary and then only if the perpetrator is short.

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