Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Such a comfort

My mother just told me two things ‘you are never happy unless you have something to worry about’ and ‘smarten yourself up’. Nothing unusual about mothers making tactless and irritating comments except this, mine died in 1986. If you feel the need to be criticised by the immortal nit picking undead then head to The Spiritualist Church, 13 Pembridge Place W2 Wednesdays at 7.30. The whole experience was quite traumatising, I had to run home fast to press icecubes against my heart lest it defrosted entirely but I will be going back next week to see if she gives me the lottery numbers (dressed smart!)

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Lektrogirl said...

oh i spent the latter part of my teens in a spiritualist church! LOL. you should have seen the nurses face when they asked me my religion on admittance to hospital before my operation. "oh so will I put church of england then??" she said. i might join you one day for old times sake?!