Thursday, 7 January 2010

Let us be lovers and marry our fortunes together

I am off to the land of the free tomorrow – my flight is delayed but I don’t suppose that means I could have a lie in and stroll up to check in at lunch time. I think that means by lunch time I will have slathered myself in Exxon Valdez quantities of La Prairie skin caviar from duty free.

‘Would you like any help madam?’

‘No Barbarella I would not! I am just dabbing on as much expensive stuff as I can because I am fucking trapped here and this is the only way I can make someone pay.’


thequarefella said...

Lol...Have a fantastic trip, you deserve it.

canalily said...

Have a great trip - and blog all about it.

Lektrogirl said...

where are you?! shall we go on wednesday night?