Thursday, 24 June 2010

I am always talking to you and I am sad that you can’t hear

Looking for comfort in all the wrong places as usual, I returned to the Spiritualist Church last night. The medium was a trembling charlatan who alienated the congregation with her vagaries and generalisations. My dog has demonstrated more evidence of clairvoyance than she did. It’s perhaps not surprising that an attempt to find meaning in life by contemplating death proved futile. A friend of mine who used to suffer from depression told me that his melancholic disposition cheered considerably when he realised that death was inevitable.


Lektrogirl said...

a psychiatrist once told me that it is ok to be an existential nihilist. after that i felt a lot less guilty about my negative attitude and i cheered up quite considerably. it was like a lead coat was removed.

p.s. the word verification for this comment is "suedies". i feel insulted. i don't know why.

thequarefella said...

At least your mum didn't show up and tell you you looked like shite!

Anonymous said...

A picture of Ganesha drove me to your blog. Most people are terrified of their inner filth. If you wish to understand death, darkness, depression, hardship. See them as a teatcher and not an enemy. Im Rasputin712 on youtube.