Wednesday, 19 November 2008

There will be blood

Despite last nights musings on activism I awoke today in the real world of Liberty bed clothes and petty bourgeois concerns like chipped nail varnish and ingrowing hairs. Call me old fashioned but I will not pay some one £45 to humiliate me with a tub of hot wax. Thanks to Nair stripless hot wax, patience and my fundamentally cheap nature I have learnt to do my own bikini wax. Its only £6 a tub which equals about 10 Brazilians or 8 Hollywood’s depending on my mood, either way it adds up to huge savings in my beauty budget.
I love the New York Korean nail salons in the lower east side where it is possible to get a manicure and pedicure for $20! Even poor people have pedicures in the US – over here it means that you have either come up trumps on a scratchcard or you are getting married. I did once make the mistake of letting one of these Korean salons have a go at more than my nails and that was a once only mistake! I decided and even while I was saying it, part of me was yelling ‘shut the fuck up’ to have a full on porno bikini wax because it was like $20 or some kind of a price that should have raised the alarm. I can’t quite piece together too many of the details but basically this evil bitch who I realised way to late had probably been a hench woman for some Korean dictator back in the day, ripped out every single public hair I owned all at once with some filthy rag. Then (it gets worse) as I was loosing consciousness with the pain, she started plucking out bits she had missed from my bloodied pubis with some rusty tweezers. It was the Guantanamo Bay of New York City Beauty Salons. I couldn't even look down for a week – the weight of a gaze would have been too much to bear. So fingers and toes only from now on. The point of this post was actually to share with you all that I have found a fabulous cheap nail salon in Soho where you can have a manicure from as little as £10. Its a cute salon called Glams of Soho, 30 Windmill Street opposite the clip joints.


Lektrogirl said...

fucking hell. i want to die reading this. the agony you have evoked is unbearable.

Iris said...

I am not exagerating either