Thursday, 3 April 2008

Does the taste of sugar on your lips remind you of a sweet sweet kiss?

Two years ago I was in New York at the height of the cup cake boom – I shared delightful buttery cakes from Magnolia with the pigeons in the park on Bleeker Street . I sat in Billy’s Bakery on 23rd and 9th snacking on cupcakes there. Each afternoon I counteracted jet lag with vanilla/vanilla cakes at The Sunshine Bakery on Rivington. I probably ate 15 cupcakes in 6 days –average price $1.20 or 65p each.

London finally caught on to the cupcake buzz and now they are available from the Primrose Bakery £1.75 for pretty average cup cake. The dreadful Hummingbird Bakery in Portbello Road for £1.55 for a teeny cake with hardy any topping that looks a packet made cake at a dodgy school fate. And if you really want to waste £3.95 then pop into Liberty and by a cupcake there, the cakes look cute but £4 for two bites!! On the brighter side Peyton & Byrne on Tottenham Court Road do spectacular cakes for £2.50 – still expensive but they are huge with a ton of topping and come in fancy boxes. John Lewis food hall have perfectly delicious cakes for only 99p each.

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Madame said...

Even Patisserie Valerie have been getting in on the cupcakes, not sure how much they are but Duke had one and liked it.... once you've had your teeth tickled by Magnolia cupcakes though, most others fade into do they do that frosting? I've tried but mine goes too liquid.....