Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Loving Laduree

The extraordinary Parisian cake shop Laduree did not exist in London until two years ago. I can’t imagine how I survived with out their delicious macaroons. My favourite flavours are rose, salted caramel, lemon and raspberry. My friend likes the black liquorice flavour but I don’t fancy that, nor would I waste my money on mint, vanilla or pistachio. Each season new flavours are created in limited edition , this year there is coconut, champagne, orange saffron and gingerbread. Laduree has a small golden outlet in the Burlington Arcade and a larger restaurant/shop in Harrods where they sell boring regular food like sandwiches and really interesting ice cream sundaes made with rose and violet ice cream.

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Madame said...

LOVE rose! I tried the licorice and it was pretty good but a bit gimmicky, I like my licorice chewy...their packaging is also the BEST ANYWHERE!