Sunday, 6 April 2008

The fall of the house of Chloe

One must not be too resistant to change I suppose but in the case of the fashion house Chloe I do think ‘out with the new in with the old’. I loved the Karl Lagerfeld seventies Chloe vision – full length floral prints, fantastic models with long hair and huge eyes. Misty golden hued advertisements for the divine house fragrance with its notes of honeysuckle, Jasmin and Tuberose. Phoebe Philo did an amazing job creating the most desirable feminine looks season after season I wanted one of everything she ever designed, the company should never have let her go. The designs of her successor Paulo Melim Anderson do nothing for me and nothing for anyone who wears them either. The company ruined the clothing line the day they employed him and then not satisfied with that they ruined the perfume as well. The new re-launched Chloe perfume has none of the subtlety of the first. Made up of notes magnolia & rose over an amber and cedar wood base, the perfume seems to marketed women who shop in Debenhams and buy fake Chloe handbags from the street vendors outside. The aroma is common and over powering – eau de high street.

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