Monday, 28 April 2008

I'm not feeling this

A friend of mine with scant regard for his own well being or maybe just a large bill from the Inland Revenue, has just signed up for a drug trial at a central London hospital. He will be paid £3000 to take certain new drugs and to spend four days having tests over a month. Ermm .... I am all for a bit of easy money but its only two years since that terrible drug trial disaster at Northwick Park and remember what happened to Violet Beauregard in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory?

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Madame said...

A friend of a friend of mine does that pretty much as his JOB! Really good money but...who knows? I think he's quite a lazy type, spends half the day in bed etc....could it be the drugs??? I would be terrified, I don't much like taking anti-biotics!