Monday, 28 April 2008

Back right off

Just back from the gym, unbelievably some idiot wanted to use the other half of a machine I was exercising on ( I was doing one arm at a time ) I had to stop what I was doing, pop out my in ear headphone to tell him NO. I can’t stand it! The whole massive gym was nearly empty and he came buzzing about my space like a wasp in cheap trainers. I admit I am someone who uses my MP3 as much to keep people away from me as to entertain myself but I like my own space. I exercise alone; I select my machines as far away from others as possible. I discourage any interaction with other members, especially smarmy personal trainers hoping to make a sale. I like to go the cinema alone during the day and sit as far away from everyone else as possible. I understand why rich people purchase whole rows of airplane seats and only occupy one; I applaud Madonna for hiring a row of cross trainers at her gym in NY so no one could chug along beside her. I hate being approached by sales staff seconds after I enter a store, I invariably spin around and walk right out again. I can’t stand waiters asking if everything is alright when I am in mid conversation with my friends or worse chewing a mouth full of food. Charity snipers drive me mad and don’t even get me started on those people in vulgar sweat shirts who push tacky free papers into your face on every street corner in central London from 4.30 onwards. I think city dwellers have enough to put up with, packed public transport, busy streets and queues for everything from cash points to coffee. My personal space is precious to me and if I could do more to discourage personal space invaders I would .

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