Sunday, 25 May 2008

A dogs life

Every dog I meet in New York is a neutered male. The American Kennel Club is a notoriously brutal organisation, constantly hacking and snipping at puppy flesh as though they were born incomplete and sent to America for ‘finishing’. I haven’t seen a set of furry balls since I got here – there must be a ‘ball mountain’ some where upstate, I expect they appear unannounced in fast food joints all over town or perhaps they are processed and fed back to the dogs in the form of puppy chow ‘with extra vitality’ . Its very strange, in Manhattan I see no female dogs and no last season dogs. Last year pretty much every one had a Pug – this year no Pugs only French Bull Dogs – what happened to the Pugs? Are their pictures peering pitifully out of the sides of milk cartons in the mid west? Dogs live around 10 years they can’t have all died of natural causes, are they being bumped off in favour of seasonal changes – thrown aside like last years sneakers?

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