Thursday, 8 May 2008

Perfume to die for

In 1775 Jean- Francois Houbigant opened a wonderful perfume shop in Paris named A la Corbeille de Fleurs. Among its customers were Madame Du Barry mistress of King Louis XV and Marie-Antoinette. Legend has it that when Marie Antoinette was fleeing from Versailles to Varennes to escape the revolutionaries she was recognized as royalty and ultimately sent back to her death because of the magnificent scent of her Houbigant perfume. Quelques Fleurs L’original, was first created in 1912 it is ‘an intoxicating blend of over 300 floral essences’. I first read about it in an article on Dita Von Teese where she said it was her favorite perfume. Dita seems to know what she’s doing except when it comes to marriage so I popped over to Liberty and picked up a bottle for only £36. It is indeed delicious although not at first – the top note is pure cat piss but don’t rush to wash it off because underneath its amazing. The scent has a heart of rose, tuberose, jasmine and lily of the valley but a pornographic base of sandalwood, musk, amber and civet gives sets the real tone.

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