Friday, 23 May 2008

Fight or flight

I had a good seat but unfortunately I still had to sit a little too close to comfort to other people. I wish there was a clause on the ‘manage my booking ‘ section that let me choose not to sit next to men , unless I get upgrade an can sit with Keanu obviously, or people who, eat meat, drink alcohol or smell. The thing is if travel wasn’t cheap I wouldn’t be travelling but the down side is lots of scuz balls get to travel too. My friend says the Orlando flight is the worst in the world since it’s full of dreadful common families taking their over fed kids to the theme parks. She said her return journey hit turbulence and half the passengers were throwing up there Mc dinners everywhere. I spent my whole trip transfixed by my neighbours dirty Converse shoe thinking that better not touch me or my stuff . I found it all quite frightening really – I had a good view of the wing which was less than comforting it looked as though parts of it might drop off about 30 minutes into the journey. I normally don’t feel afraid on planes; I travel with friends and family who are normally so irritating death would be a merciful release. Today, alone, in my guise as international traveller and pleasure seeker I felt a little jittery. Firstly, take off would the plane get into the air and then when I realised how high we were would it stay there. If BA engineering is the same standard as their cleaning I had definite cause for concern.

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