Friday, 9 May 2008

Summer in the city

I have a little vanity I suppose but I am no desert refuser and I don’t worry too much about the ‘dangers of the sun ‘either. I have a friend whose been around the block a couple of times and he was talking about staying out of sun to avoid skin cancer, it was brutal but I had to ask him, ‘You have Aids, smoke 60 Camel a day, relapse on crack every three years or so what makes you think its the sun that’s going to kill you? ‘ We have such long winters and short summers I like to enjoy the heat , I do use a little protection on my face but no English sunshine is going to make a line on my face that botox can’t iron out anyway. My local sun spot the Oasis open air pool in Covent Garden is full of people who think like me only worse, those guys are fearless they lie in the rays with little more than salad dressing as protection. I have spent so many happy summers up on the sun deck. My friend Kate and I had two bottles of SPF one factor 3 ( we called that F*ck it) and one factor 5 (I’ll take my chances) we used to apply it while singing ‘ do you know where you’re going to .. do you like the things that life is showing you ‘ (theme from Mahogany) – she moved to Australia in the end she was a contender. I was naked on the roof ( I am not an exhibitionist but I hate tan lines)with no factor at all yesterday except on my face – one woman’s sun burn is another women’s base tan!

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Lektrogirl said...

SPF 3 and SPF 5?! i really would call them both 'why bother?'

but then when i was a teenager in australia, they showed us the 'skin cancer movies' before the sex education movies. and it is de rigueur to wear very sexual [lol] long sleeved lycra rash tops to the beach at home these days and some treatment crap in your hair to SPF it too!