Tuesday, 20 May 2008

It’s definitely not the journey, it’s the destination

Travelling is really a drag unless you are member of the super rich elite with servants and stuff. Saying that I worked for a rich guy once and sent him to the airport with the wrong passport – so you would need to be super rich with team of servants that didn’t include me ! Packing is distressing – how I am supposed to get excited by my trip while being confronted with the fact that I have nothing to wear? Toiletries are worse because they are heavy and they are likely to leak all over the place – I want to leave them all behind but I don’t want to look like a troll. Hairdryers are heavier and even if you take one to America it will work only with the equivalent blowing power of an aphid. Airports are boring – 2 hours hanging about dabbing on skin cream in duty free trying to figure out who the hell buys packs of expensive smoked salmon to take on holiday.

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