Thursday, 15 May 2008

The inconvenient truth

My body is not so much a temple as a no go zone I have become healthy purely by default. I don’t drink or smoke, I exercise daily and although I feel and see the benefits of that the fact is that I would like to loose 5 kilos and the only way to do that in my experience is to diet. Therein lies the problem - I hate to abstain from my favourite foods. Yesterday for example, I had a fruit crumble from Food For Thought for lunch, a cream slice from Maison B for tea and dinner at an Italian restaurant where I ate a vegetarian starter and a tiramisu. I realise that in order to achieve what I laughingly refer to as my ‘bikini body’ I am going to have to review my snacking schedule. My favourite diet short term is one that was apparently made up by heart Drs who needed patients to loose 10lbs pronto to prepare for heart surgery! And I think I've got problems – it is the strangest combination of foods but on the up one of them is ice cream. I substitute veggie protein for the meat choices and I think it still works or it would if I could stick to it.

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