Wednesday, 7 May 2008

How to get a hot body

High on the list of things I have never wanted to do, camping, bungee jumping , tattooing my face was Bikram Yoga – 90 minutes of strenuous Hatha Yoga postures in a room heated to ‘centre of the sun’ centigrade. However I am both greedy and weak willed so when a friend talked me into going along with her and signing up for a months unlimited classes for £29.00 I trotted along like a lamb. To be realistic anything that is unlimited for under £30.00 is unlikely to be pleasant but you don’t get to try the class first so I paid up and went inside the studio. The room was large, carpeted and extremely hot, I spread a towel on my mat and lay down next to about 30 other women and three men. I wriggled around on my mat ‘limbering up’ - ten minutes later the class was about to start and I was ready to go home. I can’t remember what actually happened – I can recall laughing out loud at the very idea of one of the instructions – staring at the clock wondering if time had actually stood still – wondering what the hell had possessed me to come along etc. I did manage to do a few manoeuvres I am not too bad at standing on one leg (I some times practice at the bus stop) I do OK if I am lying down, I had to be careful pointing my toes because I broke one of them in a hideous cleaning accident over the weekend and I can’t bend my spine backwards at all. My friend said even staying in the room for the full 90 minutes is an achievement and it was. Everybody, even ladylike me was dripping sweat, but anything that traumatic has got to be good for you. Some of the women in the class had amazing bodies, I am going to use up all my free classes to see if I can get one too.


Anonymous said...

I liked the bit when the teacher said we were wringing out our spines like dirty tea towels.. Lord.. get it wrung I say.. mine is full of old sediments of the Sub Club Glasgow circa '93

Anonymous said...

Nice post Iris, I like it!