Monday, 19 May 2008

Gateau du jour

Mille-feuille – my favourite cake of the moment definitely, the best Mille-feuille is from Patisserie Valerie and its just £2.60 to take away – absolutely delicious and really messy to eat which all the best food is. It’s important to make sure you get the fresh cream and fruit version though there are some imposter cakes filled with custard that I wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy. The other inherent danger with these cakes is the difficulty in pronouncing the name, I can’t even say it right. When I go into the cake shop and say ‘A Mille fulingy please’ they say ‘a cream slice madam?’ then when I say ‘ a cream slice please ‘ they say ‘ a mille-feuille madam?’ typical cake shop comedy of manners . The best shop in Covent Garden for customer humiliation is the bakery Paul, they ship rude people over from Paris especially to keep the punters in check. Sunday mornings are fun as the local Guardian readers queue up for their baguettes and to practice their grammar school French. They ask for items in their best French accent and the staff refuse point blank to understand them until they ask in English, it’s hilarious.

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Madame said...

Ha ha...whenever I try to say "mieuulll fieuullll" it comes out comedy...maybe that's why I never order them!